About Me

http://jtschindler.ddns.net/sites/default/files/jt_website_pic.jpgI am a fourth year graduate student in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Steward Observatory (The University of Arizona). While my research interests span a few areas of astrophysics, I have found myself intrigued by the high redshift universe. With my advisor Xiaohui Fan, I work on topics related to high redshift quasars (strongly accreting super massive black holes(SMBHs)). I invite you to read a summary of my research interests and my past and current projects here.

Currently, I am building a catalog of bright high redshift (z>2.8) quasars, that have been missed by previous selections or not yet observed. I use sources from the 2MASS and WISE allsky catalogs and supplement the near- and mid-IR information with optical photometry, e.g. from surveys like SDSS. Our goal is to build an allsky high redshift bright quasar catalog to study the early growth of the most massive SMBHs, the quasar luminosity function and provide new quasar sight lines for studies of the Intergalactic Medium.